Meet Your Guides

Experience that Matters

Jon Moon has more than 20  years of angling experience in the Whistler region he and his guides have intimate knowledge of the surrounding waters and the actions taken to conserve, enhance and protect this beautiful resource. Guests travel from all over the world to experience the beauty and have an unique angling experience. Jon and his colleagues have relationships with many individuals and quality companies with which they collaborate depending upon need.

Quality fishing equipment including rods, waders and float tubes are supplied as necessary.

Come, enjoy and build lifelong memories with him or his expert guides.

What Drives Us?

In a word, passion. For example, the owner loves the outdoors and never tires of sharing this love with his guests. After many years his passion has not diminished. His guides share this passion.

Nature always has a way of revealing pieces of itself that consistently feels like receiving daily gifts.

Angling is mastered through careful observation of nature and its many complexities. Connecting with what nature shows not only improves one’s skills but we believe also enhances one’s life.

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